The Tvidia project is betting on passive income!

NFT staking

The Tvidia project is the first collection in the TON network with the possibility of staking to generate passive income! They have been purchasing mining equipment, building farms and generating income from this activity for many years. However, recently we have encountered certain difficulties: -In some regions of the world, the supply of electricity is limited, which leads to price increases. -Governments are introducing taxes on electricity, which also negatively affects its cost. These factors pushed them to a new stage of development — the transition to PoS. Given their capabilities, they could attract large investors to switch to PoS. However, this would lead to a loss of decentralization and would make them dependent on financial managers. This goes against their culture, so they decided to attract several thousand private investors through NFT staking.

Built on the foundation of TON

They chose TON because they see Toncoin’s capitalization growing, which is clearly related to the overall popularity of Telegram and its huge audience. The messenger has risen to second place in popularity after WhatsApp, and given its rapid spread in India, Russia and the Middle East, it may well become the leader in the near future. By purchasing an NFT token, an investor pays for a share of the costs associated with setting up a mining rig in our mining center. Each NFT token is a smart contract that confirms ownership of a share of the computing power of a specific rig. The profit generated by the mining rig is automatically distributed by the network based on smart contracts for specific NFTs.

Traditional hardware mining is outdated and the current market requires us to take active action here and now. Don’t miss your chance to earn money! Join Tvidia community and learn all about NFTs and how to make a profit.

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